NYLT 2018 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TSWC NYLT?
    TSWC NYLT is a weeklong outdoor experience for present and future youth leaders, designed to help a Scoutmaster and Venturing Advisor in their responsibility to train youth to be leaders and to maintain a youth-run program. It is based on the BSA National Youth Leadership Training program.

    The course focuses on teaching advanced leadership skills using a team-building atmosphere combined with informative and interactive presentations. Participants will be regularly challenged to accomplish tasks using the leadership skills taught during the Course.

    TSWC NYLT has six major aims:

    1. To give participants the confidence and knowledge to run their troop/crew program.
    2. To teach key leadership skills that relate to their responsibilities in their home unit.
    3. To give youth the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with youth from other units.
    4. To provide youth an experience with emphasis on the patrol/crew method.
    5. To show youth new ways to teach outdoor skills in a fun atmosphere back in their home unit.
    6. To enhance the relationship between the participant and his home unit's scoutmaster/advisor.
  • When is TSWC NYLT?
    NYLT Course start - July 9, 2018
    NYLT Course end - July 14, 2018

    OrientationThe TSWC NYLT 2018 Participants Orientation meeting date has not been set.  Parents and youth are encouraged to attend.  Scoutmasters and Advisors are welcome as well. Please bring a copy of your valid BSA Annual Medical and a signed Code of Conduct.  This is a good time to clear up any questions or concerns.  If you are unable to attend you will need to contact the Course Director for important information and to get your questions answered.

    Course start: TSWC NYLT starts on Monday July 9th. Participants must be dropped off at Camp Sol Mayer between 12:00 am and 1:00 pm - do not arrive early or late.  Each youth should have a backpack with all of his or her items and be in full uniform. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE FOR MEDICALS.

    Course end: The TSWC NYLT course graduation ceremony takes place at approximately 2:00 pm Saturday July 14th.  Please arrive by 1:30pm.  You will not be able to socialize with the participants until after the ceremony. This ceremony takes about 1 hour.  All participants can leave as soon as the ceremony has been completed.
  • Where is TSWC NYLT held?
    TSWC NYLT is held at Camp Sol Mayer outside Menard, TX. Parents or scout leaders must provide transportation to and from Camp Sol Mayer for their scouts.
  • Who should attend TSWC NYLT?
    The youth must want to attend and have the enthusiasm and desire to participate in this learning experience. Because TSWC NYLT requires some camping skills, participants should have had at least one long-term camp experience (such as summer camp).

    Boy Scout participants must be First Class before July 1, 2018. They must be thirteen years of age or must have completed 7th Grade.

    Venturing participants both male and female Venturers are welcomed and encouraged to apply.
  • Who should NOT attend TSWC NYLT?
    •    Youth with significant homesickness issues or discipline problems,
    •    Youth who have little camping experience,

    TSWC NYLT will not “fix” your problem youth and cannot change a person that does not want to learn or participate.  NYLT will not help youth with discipline problems or homesick problems.

    Participants with discipline issues will only disrupt efforts to train other youth as leaders and will likely be sent home without a refund. Removal of a youth from the program is not done lightly and is reviewed thru a multi-level process and ultimately thru the Course Director. If a participant is removed from the program, his/her parents will be called and they will need to pick the youth up at camp.

    If you have any questions about the appropriateness of any youth attending TSWC NYLT, please contact the Course Director Jody Allen at  or phone at 325-450-8033.
  • How do I register?
    Registration is done through the council NYLT website at http://nylt.tswcbsa.org.  The last day to register on the website is June 1st, 2018. The current enrollment limit is 48 youth. Once that limit is reached, all other youth will go on a waiting list. With strict limits per session, early registration is important. Register as early as possible to avoid problems and potential disappointment.
  • What paperwork is due and when is it due?
    In order for registration to be complete you need to turn in a signed Code of Conduct, Scoutmaster/Advisor Recommendation and a copy of your Annual Health and Medical Record. The forms are available at the Participants Resource page on the website.  You will also need a copy of the front and back of the Scout's Medical Insurance Card attached to the medical form.
  • What is the cost?
    The course fee is $200 if paid on or before June 1st. The course fee is $220 if paid after June 1st  (payment must be received by council office by end of day June 1st). 
  • Are there Camperships available?
    We routinely have people ask us this question. Here are 2 options to consider.

    1. First Option: See if the home Troop/Crew can underwrite some or all of the expenses. Some look at financial need and put in a Campership based on the need. While the training benefits the Scout, it also benefits the Troop/Crew and because of that, the Troop/Crew should attempt to help in the cost of the training.
    2. Second Option: A Scout may apply for one Campership if he/she is registered in the Texas Southwest Council and the family can demonstrate financial need. For information on this option contact the council office.
    For further information on camperships or ideas for funding, please contact the Course Director.
  • How will youth live during TSWC NYLT?
    Participants will be placed into a patrol consisting of six to eight youth. Each patrol has its own campsite and two scouts will be sharing a tent. For Co-ed patrols sleeping accommodations will be per Venturing Guidelines for Co-ed units.
  • What about meals and special dietary needs?
    We provide all the food for the course.  The trading post on camp will be closed during the course. No candy or snacks are allowed to be brought on course. The meals are served in the dining hall in Summer/Winter Camp style, except for the outpost campout.  On the outpost campout the participants will prepare their own meals (dinner and breakfast).  The stoves and cooking equipment will be provided. The youth will be provided a well-balanced menu meeting the energy levels needed for the course.  

    Participants with special dietary needs should contact the Course Director before the course.  As part of Orientation, we ask all Scouts with any food restrictions to hand in a form outlining the dietary needs.
  • Is any special equipment needed?
    A personal equipment list is located on the Participants Resource page.

    Tents:  Each Participant should bring a 2-person tent. Participants will be sharing tents with fellow members of their patrols. We strongly recommend that each participant ask to borrow one of their unit's tents for the week. We do not want, or expect, a participant to go out and buy a tent specifically for use at NYLT. In cases where securing a tent is problematic, we have a limited number of tents that we can loan.  Please contact the Course Director for these requests.

    Uniforms:  Each Scout should have a full uniform appropriate for their unit. Part of the methods of scouting is uniform, but I also understand that financially that can be a burden.  Please use your unit resources to borrow the components that make up a complete Field Uniform (Class A). There will be two Activity Uniform (Class B) t-shirts and a hat as part of the fee.  These will be distributed upon arrival at the start of the course.

    Backpack:  You will be expected to carry all of your personal camping equipment to and from your campsite and you may have to hike over a mile to accomplish that. There will be other times during the week when the backpack is essential.  If you do not have a backpack please ask to borrow one from someone for the week. We do not want, or expect, a participant to go out and buy a backpack specifically for use at NYLT.
  • How can I contact a participant?
    Telephone service to the camp exists strictly for emergency use only. In the event of an emergency, parents may telephone: (325) 456-5480 and the message and return phone number will be relayed to the NYLT staff and then in turn to the Scout. Calls will be returned as promptly as possible.  Scouts are not permitted use of the phone alone.  Cell Phone service is essentially non-existent and the participants should not be using them during the course.

    Parents and friends are discouraged from visiting because of disruption to the program. Adult leaders who want to observe the program are welcomed. Please contact the Course Director with your intention to visit.

    Mail is delivered to camp. Please address as follows:
         Scout name
         ATTN: TSWC NYLT
         299 Sol Mayer Rd.
         Menard, TX 76859-9205
  • How can I get additional information?
    Any questions or concerns should be initially directed to the Course Director.  You may be referred to someone else to get the info or services you need.  You can also contact the council office.

Course Director:
   Jody Allen
   Cell Phone:  325-450-8033

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